How To Get More Likes On YouTube Videos?

In this article, you will learn how you can get more likes on YouTube videos. In today’s era, there wil trafficnap l hardly be any people who do not know about YouTube. because this is the most used search engine after Google.

Many new users who upload videos by creating their own channel are not able to get more likes on their videos. If you want, you can also visit Followersindia for that. But that is not the organic way.

Find out the trend in your niche

If you want to get more youcampusonline likes on YouTube videos, then the best way is to make videos on trending topics. That’s why you must follow the famous creators of your niche.

Because whenever someone creates content on a YouTube trending topic, that video is definitely seen by more people. 

This is because trending keywords are searched by more people. That’s why you keep doing research on the internet and keep an eye on the trends related to your niche.

Are Tags still important?

When you upload a video to YouTube, there is an option to enter tags. In this, you can enter keywords related to your content. But do tags help you increase likes and views on your videos?

The answer is no. Tags are only used to find out the niche of the content. But still, it is better that you use 5 or 8 tags. But if you use 2 or 3 hashtags in your title and description, then your video will definitely benefit.

You must have seen many YouTubers who use hashtags in the title and description of their videos.

Make a custom thumbnail of your video

To get more likes on YouTube videos, you have to create thumbnails for each of your videos. Because after uploading the video, YouTube makes a picture of your video as a thumbnail and the same is visible to the users.

Therefore, make a thumbnail of the video using any picture editing tool. And keep the image and text in it attractive so that anyone can click on that video as soon as they see it.

Consistency is the key

You will never get good results if you are not consistent in your work, no matter what it is. So, if you upload a video to YouTube after a long period of time, you will not receive any more likes on YouTube videos.

There will be 2 reasons for this. Firstly, the YouTube algorithm does not recommend videos of those channels in the feeds of people who upload content after many months.

And the second reason is that if you do not publish any videos for more than a month, then your current audience will unsubscribe from your channel and they will not be able to even recognize your channel.

Promote on other platforms after publishing on YouTube

You can get more likes on YouTube videos only when more people watch your video. And if you do not have many subscribers, then you cannot rely on YouTube alone.

You will also have to share the link to that video with other social media friends. You will have connections on some platforms outside of WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You share that video with them and also ask them to like and share it.


These blogs are especially for those whose likes on YouTube videos do not increase. Hopefully, you too will be able to increase the views and likes on your videos with this strategy.

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