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I was talking with my son and his preteen friends about their social media use. (followers on facebook)I asked them whether they use Facebook. With a slight snicker, they replied that Snapchat was better than Instagram. Musical.ly is the latest craze. Yubl, a new social messaging app that I haven’t heard of yet, is one of my favorites.click here

Because social media is what we do here, of course I was curious!

About Yubl

This app was launched in February 2016, and continues to attract a lot of interest. Below are the Google Trends search results:

Google Trends: Yubl

Yubl may be the right product to offer a new alternative to Facebook. Yubl is a destination for millennials leaving “parent saturated Facebook”.

These statistics are worth considering:

Facebook lost over 6 million people between 2011 and 2014. (Just over half of those are between 17-24 years old.

Yubl has risen to the fourth highest ranking social networking app on the App Store in a very short time – surpassing Skype and Pinterest. The app’s rapid growth is a sign of its immense potential and progress.

App Store Yubl Ranking

It seems like the time has come to look deeper into why Yubl is so appealing to teens.

What is Yubl?

Yubl, pronounced Yubble, is a mobile-first messaging app. Yubl would be Instagram Messenger and Facebook Messenger’s child. Yubl is a social media and messaging platform that aims to be the next generation.

This video gives a brief overview of what makes Yubl different from other messaging apps.

Yubl was built for today’s user and their needs. We’ve created something that encompasses all people love about mobile technology, and more. 

Yubl makes communication easier, richer, and more enjoyable by connecting users with their friends, engaging content, and their favourite brands and personalities. Their imagination is the only limitation. Gareth Evans, Yubl founder

Yubl’s Goals

Yubl’s team has ambitious goals and they are supporting them with a well-thought out product that targets younger, digital-savvy millennials. Yubl is a platform where creativity and expression are key elements of social networking. Its unique features set it apart from other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Yubl uses three main “settings” for communicating with others:

Private: One-on-One or in a group.

Public: Open forum on all social networks (brands and celebrities included)

Search and find other users, such as celebrities and brands with Explore

Yubl Chat Options

Simple text messages and photos can be used to connect with celebrities, brands, friends, or family.

3 Unique Features

Yubl is different from other messaging apps because it has three distinct features. Interactive “buttons” allow users to cast a vote, view a location, or follow a link.

Blank canvas. You can create anything entirely new with the blank canvas. You can choose a background color and add photos or videos from your camera roll.

Pinpoint and Whereabouts. To post their location on a map visible to all members of the group, friends can push a button. You can also place a pin onto a map to indicate where you want to meet in the future.read more

Interactive buttons (vote). Interactive buttons can be used to get opinions from friends.

Yubl Interactive Buttons

It’s important to remember that Yubl does not assume you are ready to have the conversation you desire.

The blank canvas is not a text box, a button to capture a picture or an uploading tool. Instead, you can create something entirely new. You can simply enter text, use the sticker feature in the app or upload a photo or video.

You can find more information on Yubl at their YouTube channel. They also have explainer videos.Get more followers on facebook

Yubl for Business

Yubl was designed to generate responses from audience members. It is a valuable tool for social media marketers because of its design intent. It is based on real-time engagement. Users respond to posts quickly.

Yubl allows you to have discussions within the post and not in the comments. Yubl allows you to interact with the content in a different way than with other platforms. 

This is a significant step in the march to intuitive social marketing.

Brands at the Heart of Everything

Evans doesn’t hide the fact that Yubl’s business model is centered on brands. 

Evan answers questions about his five-year strategy and says that he wants to “bring people closer together through the digital space” and to build relationships between customers and commerce in a constructive way.

Explore the Feature

Yubl’s Explore function gives us the most accurate indication of how it will make money. Red Bull, Starbucks and ASOS are just a few of the well-known partners they have formed. These brands interact with the users and post content via the app.

The Explore feature stores branded content in a separate section until the user “opts-in” to follow that brand. 

Brands shouldn’t be concerned about whether followers will follow them, as we have seen with Instagram. GlobalWebIndex discovered that 53% of Instagram users follow brands.

Redbull Feeds Yubl

As you can see, there are many ways a brand could use interactive buttons.

Brands have the option to create interactive posts where followers can vote for their favourite products.

Yubl for Marketing

Brands are applauding the ability to include a hyperlink in an update. This feature allows users to buy items they see on Yubl and interact with brands’ properties. Until now, Instagram and Snapchat do not allow you to add links in posts.

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