It is very likely that you are using Microsoft Office products. But have you already switched to Office 365? This is your new digital workplace, with cloud storage. Office 365 is a collection of internet services, based on your familiar Office environment. We are happy to tell you more about the benefits of switching to Office 365 with powerapps consulting.

Easier collaboration

With Office 365, your own servers are superfluous, because slowfoodmaresme Microsoft’s Cloud is used. With Office 365 you can therefore collaborate online with your team from anywhere. Every employee always has their documents at hand with only 1 password. Your team is therefore more flexible and more accessible.

Invest less

By using Office 365, you no longer have to make large investments. You no longer have to spend on purchasing hardware, licenses, maintenance and migrations. Instead, you only pay for the services you actually use. You can cancel the subscription at any time and because Office 365 is in the cloud, it is a scalable solution.

The most recent versions

With Office 365, you no longer need to install software on the various desktops, phones, and notebooks in your organization. You are always assured of the latest versions from Microsoft. This means that your IT department no longer needs to update and you can be sure that your data is always properly stored and secured.

Transfer Office to Office 365?

Need help transitioning from Office to Office 365? We can guide you in this. Contact us for newfashionlampmore information . And do you want to unburden your IT department even further? Read about the possibilities of DaaS in our previous blog .

4 benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for every user

What would we do without technology? It has made everyone’s life more comfortable and easy. Today we can perform all kinds of tasks much faster and more efficiently. One of the best innovations in technology is Microsoft 365 (formerly: Office 365). Users are guaranteed to be more productive just by using it.

Microsoft 365 can help you get things done faster. You can easily access all your documents, wherever you are and at any time of the day. Below you will find the biggest benefits when you use Microsoft 365.

1. Frequent, automatic updates

There is no need for IT technicians to come to your company to update the software. Microsoft 365 pushes automatic updates to every user. This means no time is wasted and you can keep working without worrying about slow and outdated software. The updates will give you a better functional system to work efficiently and complete the tasks on time.

2. Collaborate seamlessly

By using Microsoft 365, you can collaborate seamlessly with all your colleagues. The Co-Authoring tool allows multiple users to collaborate on one document or project at the same time. You can chat or talk to each other in real time while making adjustments. Each team member can also see who modified what and at what time. This feature saves you more time and makes collaboration easier.

3. Advanced Security Features

A cloud-based system can be risky. Security will always be a hot topic, but with Microsoft 365 you have nothing to fear. It has high-end security measures to ensure that all data in the cloud is safe. There is no need to think about security risks, as it has excellent features such as threat intelligence, data loss prevention, mobile device management, and advanced security.

4. Accessibility

As mentioned before, Microsoft Office 365 allows you to work wherever and whenever. All you need is an internet connection. This is undoubtedly one of the strongest features of this cloud-based system, as you are no longer dependent on the workshop. Everything can be stored on the cloud server, so you can work anywhere.

There’s nothing like working without problems, completing tasks freely, and collaborating efficiently with your colleagues at the same time. Contact Christiaens if you want to make the switch to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that always provides you with the latest modern productivity tools from Microsoft. There are Microsoft 365 plans for home and personal use, as well as for small and medium businesses, large enterprises, schools, and non-profit organizations.

Microsoft 365 home and business plans include the robust Office desktop apps you’re familiar with, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You also get additional online storage and cloud features that allow you to collaborate on files in real time. With a subscription, you’ll always have the latest features, fixes and security updates, and ongoing technical support at no extra cost. You can choose to pay for your subscription per month or per year. With the Microsoft 365 Family subscription, you can also share these subscription benefits with up to five additional people.

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